As the super storm ripped through the Big Apple, someone asked me on Twitter why Nigerians should join the online conversation surrounding Sandy. I retorted with the oft recycled remark that “when America sneezes, the World catches cold.” True to type the price of crude took a hit and websites running on servers located on the Eastern Seaboard of the US started crawling.

But one cast iron lesson we can learn from the media storm that followed Sandy is seeing in real time the professional and smart way in which Americans have handled this natural disaster. Governors Christie and Cuomo and the mayors of the affected cities where live on TV and visible on the ground, as the emergency rescue system was deployed. Nigerian governors and political leaders can all tear a script from these ‘model’ political leaders who inspire confidence and exude competence. The beauty of the mass media and the social media in particular is that it enables peoples from all across the global village to witness global best practices speeding up diffusion of knowledge.

Nearly lost in the spin of the superstorm is the news that Disney has bought Lucas Film and will make the seventh Star Wars Movie. Don’t know what to make of it yet. But, may the Force be with us all.




007, Governor Suntai in “Skyfall”




I situate this blog two days after the release of “Skyfall” the latest 007 flick, which is coming roughly fifty years after the first one. Even though I have not seen the latest impersonation of James Bond by Daniel Craig, I have heard it being surmised as an advertisement of Brand Britain. Who I saw however, last week, was George Lazenby in 1969’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” as DSTV  re-runs relentlessly all the James Bond movies. Geroge Lazenby for me was the Bond that got married: Pretty off-colour if you ask me.

For all the luscious characterization in the 007 franchise, the risk-taking of Governor Suntai beats that of some of the megalomaniac, super-villains in the series. Against the good advice of security personnel and even the VP as has been reported, he has selfishly jeopardized the mandate of the people. The speed and unreliability of the social media was such that the Governor ‘died and resurrected’ before the end of the evening. And like Steve Jobs before him and Alfred Nobel famously, he might yet be lucky to read his own obituary while still alive.

For Nobel, finding out that the world saw him as vile and mean businessman whose exit was celebrated shocked him into re-writing the history books by donating all his wealth to establishing the Nobel prizes.

Unfortunately, writing a blog won’t get me a Nobel Prize for Literature.