Individuals, the mass media, organizations, associations and even religious groups traditionally endorse a preferred candidate during American elections. For this year’s Presidential campaign, I join the New York Times, the Washington Post, 50 Cent, Ellen DeGeneres and many others to endorse for another four years, the first black President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

I would not go into details explaining his performance in the past four years. That is not my purpose here and sources for such information are ubiquitous, but I support for another four years the candidacy of the man who against all odds became the first President of colour to live in the White House, who stabilized the US economy after the ‘hurricane’ of the sub-prime induced economic downturn and who made the call in the middle of the night for Osama bin Laden to be taken out. I endorse Obama for he is a beacon of hope; a smart fellow whose emergence and success in politics on the biggest stage of all has helped reshape stereotypes of the black race; I endorse Obama whose ‘journey’ has concretized the notion that with a good education, one cannot only shatter glass ceilings but reach above the skies.

The various polls show Barack Obama in a neck and neck race with his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney: however I don’t foresee a Bush – Gore (2000) type of outcome, more like a Bush-Kerry situation. I foresee Obama, come Tuesday, 6th November winning by anything from five to nine percentage points. I don’t work for Pew research (yet) but that’s my hunch.

Now that is that.



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