Thank You, Thank You, Thank you…….America


The Americans have proved once more that they are the leading nation in the world. The civil, smooth and smartly concluded US presidential elections has proved that inspite of the concerted efforts of some peoples, this is not a planet of the apes. The American elections has always given the rest of the world a glimpse of ‘utopia’ and that is why the world watches the proceedings with rapt attention every four years.

Democracy has its shortcomings, but watching it being played out on the biggest stage by sincere actors, it is obvious that this is the best form of governance known to Mankind right now. Thus the lesson of the US elections is that if a people agree to work together with mutual respect and a magnanimous spirit, it is possible that the society can achieve peace and harmony. And this statement is relevant to Nigeria more today than ever at any other time.

The 2012 US elections has gone down in history as the Twitter election, evocative of how Obama leveraged Facebook in 2008 and Goodluck Jonathan last year. Social media has opened the flood gates to political discourse and most importantly energized young men and women (18-35years) to participate in politics and wield their voting power and become agents of change. This is the beauty of the social media experience.



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