My big, fat, gizmo wedding


I went to Port Harcourt, the evergreen garden city, yesterday, to attend a wedding. Hadn’t been to ‘Pitakwa’ since the days when I was unemployed and visited the City to do a couple of interviews.  The wedding, a typical Nigerian one, was ‘full’ of energetic and enthusiastic dancing, spraying of money, eating and all round Technicolor that showed why, inspite of all the obvious and ever-present odds, Nigerians are the happiest people in the world.

As is the case today, the wedding inculcated the social media experience. In the pre social media world, it took ‘ages’ for those not near the couple to see the wedding pictures and videos. But as this wedding was going on, beautiful pictures of the couple in radiant poses were been circulated on Facebook and Instagram for members of the family in the Diaspora, unable to come and even those (read me) right there in the church to ‘Like’ and ‘Comment.’  This, now ubiquitous, use of social media at weddings, birthdays and various ceremonies is an enchantment because of its interactive and user-friendly nature. Here, one begins to wonder, if the advent of platforms like Facebook, where people post pictures of their ‘occasions’ and tag friends, isn’t the cause of the death of a magazine like Ovation, which was  so popular about a decade ago that appearance there bestowed near celebrity status, even if for the proverbial ’15 minutes.’

The proximity and ever-presence of social media tools reminds me of a groom once, who was a ‘diehard’ Manchester United fan, and while the wedding reception was on, on a Saturday afternoon, he continuously kept himself updated on the score of a the United game at Old Trafford via his mobile. To the chagrin of his bride? I can’t say. Ask her.



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