A Merry Christmas

Move over Shakespeare, take a seat Tolstoy, stop whining Joseph Anton, it’s time for the greatest story ever told: the story of the infant baby boy born in a Manger just over Two thousand years ago. The story of the advent of Jesus Christ is as old as time; time as we know it, as our calendar starts from the time mother Mary, unable to find an inn or house, is forced to put to bed in a manger surrounded by livestock.

The story, told a million, billion times, charts the miraculous birth foretold by the prophets ( ask Herod), seen in the stars by wise men or astrologers, or magi, if you’re poetic. The unique birth of the saviour of the world, the saviour of Mankind. The evergreen story of the birth of Jesus, who came in human form to die for me and you. This story is the story of Christmas (Christ not X), the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Christmas is a time to show love and charity: to be happy, to reunite with family and remember friends, “for love came down at Christmas.” Not a time for gross mercentalism but for philanthropy; never a time for loud hullabaloos but of “Silent Nights.”

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.



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