“I WAS NGAA” 1991 – 1997



The disgusting news coming out from India about men randomly and repeatedly raping women is a testament of a culture with dysfunctional and stone-age ideas about women. I don’t know where Indian men get their education and orientation from, but the permissiveness to violence against women can best be described as pathetic.

But I know a place where boys are trained and educated to be men, men who respect women, men who get up there and make a mark, who stand up to be counted, who remember where they come from wherever they may chance to go. And so last night, the class of 1997 of Government Secondary School, Owerri met to celebrate fifteen years of graduation. The party was fun: the drinks flowed and the food was amazing, but the highlight was meeting up with “pallies” from way back. Guys one spent six years of the most formative years of one. Brothers one grew up with, fought with, and finally became friends with.

For all of us privileged to have passed through the walls of Government Secondary School, Owerri the unanimous position is that G.S.S.O was the best part of one’s education. The place where academic, moral and behavioral foundations where laid. Although we vigorously “defaced” the walls with our scratched mementos of: “I was ngaa,” to the chagrin of our teachers. Unfortunately, schools don’t come that good anymore. Of course they don’t because people like Ikeazota, Isika, Ninja, Sufferson, Whiskers etcetera are not there to chase kids around – on foot or with their cars – anymore. And so the class of 1997 used the opportunity of the gathering to present an award of the best Mathematics teacher to Mrs. N.N.F Ikeazota (Ph.D).

And while the Math doctor danced with boys she once chased around the school grounds, effusive in her happiness that all their hard work had borne fruits; and the wine flowed and the cutlery clinked, I wondered again, where the rapist Indians got their education from.




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