I dared to dream

I dared to dream:
Building castles in the air
Not unlike Nebuchadnezzer
And his hanging garden
For the fickle lover who desired flowering scents
On the seventh floor.
I dared to dream:
Thinking up nonsensical schemes
Not unlike Alice down the rabbit hole
In the land of wonder
Where the Hatter kept the teacup full
To keep up the fool’s charade.

I dared to dream:
That I was on the yellow brick road
Not unlike the girl from Kansas
And her band of caricatures
Seeking the man behind the curtain
For the magic he would wrought.
And when the morn broke
With the ruinous rays of light
Not unlike the ‘eternal’ shine
From the Land beyond the Silver Sea
The illusion shattered desperately
I dared…..to dream.



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