Beyonce and The Spaghetti Western

beyonce_759245So did Beyonce lip-sync or not at Barack Obama’s inauguration? That is a not so important story. Certainly not as important as the woeful performance of the Americans at the Australian Open. As far as I am concerned Beyonce can lip-sync as much as she likes and even President Obama doesn’t seem to mind at all. And he is the Commander-in Chief.

Back at the Aussie Open, the former “Commander-in-Chief” of Tennis, Roger Federer, at 31, seems to have handed over the baton finally. Once again, as has become routine lately, he has fallen to a much younger, and it pains me to now say, better opponent. At the 2013 Aussie Open, it was British number one, Andy Murray. Making a commentator to tweet emphatically that Murray is now better that Roger. Maybe one day they will make a movie about Roger Federer, the classiest and best tennis player of all time, who gave me plenty of joy as I watched him grow from a sobbing Wimbledon champ to the greatest and most sublime of them all.

Talking of movies – Hollywood that is –  Argo, which I just saw, was a visual historical lecture on the hostage taking of American embassy staff during the Iranian Revolution. The movie was able to vigorously paint a reflection of the tensions and the crises facing those directly involved in the hostage situation and the subsequent Canadian Caper. But for me the best moments where the portraits of the mythical “Arab Street,” captured in the market scene, when the six ‘filmmakers’ went to scout location, and the airport interrogation with the wily Revolutionary Guards. Will it get the golden fleece of Best Picture at the Oscars? I doubt it. But it was a poignant journey.

A film that might snag the award of Best Picture is the Quentin Tarantino, “spaghetti-western” themed movie: Django, with a “D.” The blood spattering, full blown action- packed, classic Tarantino no-holds-barred-graphic-gore is riveting. Set two years before the American civil war, when a black man on a horse was a sight to behold and Mandingo fighting was allowed, the people from the time of the movie – both black and white – would never believe that the top news story from January, 2013, is whether Beyonce, a black pop star, lip-synced at the presidential inauguration of a black president. As Django would say, “I am positive.”



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