Love Poems at Valentine




It’s that time again,
When Cupid gets his bow
And havoc wrecks on mortals:
Spreading love on the saint’s day.

It’s that time again,
When I remind myself
That you are no mere earthling,
But Aphrodite reincarnated.

It’s St. Valentine’s again
And though the Holy See and patron saint resign
My love will always burn fierce
Like the eternal flame at Delphi

Dedicated to She of the fair disposition; a modern day Nightingale.


Miss Honeybee

Miss Honeybee,
Fluttering and waltzing:
You’re full of sweetness,
Sweeter than nectar
Finer than a rose petal:
Miss Honeybee.

Miss Honeybee,
Wishing and hoping:
I crave your love,
Sweeter than nectar
Smooth like the honeycomb:
Miss Honeybee.

Miss Honeybee,
Beautiful and charming:
Near, yet beyond reach
Bitter like the after-taste
Alas! bear with a poor drone:
Miss Honeybee.

My Lover, my muse

Your eyes shimmer and shine
Suggesting pools of serenity;
Your lips, a duo,
that resonate happiness and laughter;
Your skin so smooth and rare
like the goddess Ebony’s.
The trunk of the finest Iroko
can’t match the straight strength of your legs.
Ancients would have willingly gone to war,
at the sight of your twin towers.
You define epitome
and walk with great refine;
shaming royals with your allure
and monks with your charity.
For the poet, you are the muse,
For me: my lover.


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